I still believe in craft. In the age of the mass produced image, when so many photographers have access to identical means, I approach my work with a singular commitment to technique, artistry and storytelling. My clients trust me to tell their stories in ways that are evocative, dramatic, and engaging. It is here that my work exists: the intersection of modern photographic technology, the timeless values of craftsmanship, and the foundations of storytelling.


I take great pride in my technical craftsmanship. Ambitious clients, in search of unique and dynamic work, can hold their confidence in my ability to achieve evocative and technically precise images. At every stage of the photographic process, I coordinate and execute to a high calibre.


My past experience includes work with a wide variety of clientele, from forward-thinking international organizations to leading communications firms throughout North America. Working within the requirements of my clients creative briefs, my work ranges a diversity of styles: from bold and cinematic, to nuanced and sophisticated.

Human Connection

The success of my work rests on my ability to make my photographic subjects feel comfortable in front of my lens. I work with models of varying skill levels to create articulate and compelling stories. The proof is in my close working relationships with both my clients and the subjects I photograph.